Yearly Horoscope 2018 – love, money and health


2018 offers you many opportunities, especially in terms of socio-professional status, in the career. This is a year of great challenges, but also blessings.

Like last year, in 2018 these individuals keep their need for independence, non-conformity, the revolutionary attitude and the tendency to radical decisions, both in terms of defining priorities, important choices, relations social and intimate. Therefore resignations are possible and major changes in the professional plan.

This year you should rethink your attitude towards health, nutrition and cultivating respect for the physical body and also for the spirit.


For you, 2018 brings significant challenges in terms of partnerships, formal relationships, marriage and social image.

Your relationships will go through a process of transformation and reconfiguration. The goal is to achieve a relational maturity. Some strong relationships can become formalized.

The 2018 horoscopes announces that the new year will give you the chance to earn extra money and get involved in new projects. You will be successful in all your investments. Opportunities arise and it would be nice to take advantage, but be careful with money management. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of your talents and gain more confidence in yourself.

It’s also a good time for travel, research, learning. You can go back to school, you can learn a foreign language or just enjoy some old ideas.


Social life plays a very important role this year too, especially in June. Relationships, ideals, aspirations, projects, works are constantly expanding. Chances and opportunities come from your friends and groups who share your ideas. It’s time to launch new projects to promote your business and your talents. In addition, it is now time to make your voice heard, to spread your ideas and knowledge, especially if you have significant experience.

An affective relationship can turn into a relationship of friendship or a friendly relationship can turn into a beautiful sentimental relationship.

From June until the end of the year, you are protected by the planet Jupiter which brings you solutions at the right time. Jupiter offers you physical protection, it helps you to make peace with the past.

In terms of health, bones, joints, teeth, blood pressure are the most sensitive areas this year.

It is very important that this year you are a little more cautious in your expenses. Always keep in mind the long-term goals!


For you, 2018 means above all development, growth and expansion of the professional segment, career, reputation and social status. All your efforts will be appreciated at the workplace and you will improve your image and relationships with your superiors and other authorities. Be prepared to reap the benefits and advantages of the opportunities that arise, choose your projects carefully.

This year there will also be pressure from others to come up with ideas and solutions for you and, indirectly, for others, in a partnership or family context.

In May, August, October, November, difficult experiences can result in an emotional breakdown or a complete change of direction with respect to your relationship. These months can totally change your love life.


Many of your personal and professional wishes can be fulfilled this year.

During the period June 2018-July 2014 you have the chance to meet people who appreciate you, to get involved in projects that can really make a difference in the world and to experience success in various forms. Relationships with bosses and others in positions of authority (including parents) harmonize.

Individuals of the Libra sign who are married are forced to constantly adjust their approach, to make a lot of compromises in the relationship with the partner. Because of the stiffness of their partner of couples they must make a lot of changes in their attitude, so as to always find new points of balance.

Singles in Libra oscillate between the simple need for freedom and the desire to get involved in a relationship.

Health is generally good, with transient episodes of lack of energy.


In the first half of the year, you may get away from certain people or some relationships may break but these experiences are considered a release.

This is a good time for marriage, but this step is not recommended only if the relationship is based on freedom, easy communication and intellectual affinities.

The most stressful time of the year is August, when it is best to be cautious with your investments and your expenses. This is a time when you need to consider your priorities.

The planet Saturn in Scorpio in 2018 encourages exploration of the unconscious, highlighting old wounds and uncovering repressed emotions.

Individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius are invited to constantly refresh their ideas, their approach, the method of communication, expression.

In their home environment they can enjoy harmony, compassion and love.


The first half of the year brings you a lot of satisfaction at the workplace, good luck in terms of projects and collaborations. You can easily find people to work for you or with you, you can form a harmonious and efficient team.

The period June 2018 – July 2014 is excellent for marriage, collaborations and social image. But if a break emerges, you will feel rather liberated than sad.

Family life, real estate and wealth are all about surprises and changes. Your need for independence and freedom is more deeply felt and expressed, which can sometimes lead to tensions and conflicts in the family.


In 2018 it is possible that a friendship turns into a romantic relationship or in your current couple relationship you can change your attitude towards your partner. For some natives, this period can mean the birth of a child or successes on the part of children.

The work environment is excellent, the relationships are harmonious. When it comes to health, you can now find the best ways to improve or cure diseases.

The most favored segment for you is that of career, with all that it implies: recognition of status, social role, reputation, authority.


On an emotional level, Planet Jupiter brings confidence and a sense of security and confidence, no matter what situation you are in. Especially since June 26 you can look at life with serenity and you can enjoy wonderful experiences, both in terms of emotional relationships and relationships with children and creative projects.

At the workplace you succeed in getting noticed by your ideas and talents. This is an ideal time to highlight new talents, skills and ideas.

Extravagant investments and spending may be on the agenda, but should be avoided, especially in May, October and November.

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